First USA TV Commercial shot on Canon EOS 5D Mark II

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The Bui Brothers have announced they've just released the first broadcast TV commercial shot on the Canon EOS 5D Mark II. Although the commercial itself isn't yet available online (it will be available soon and when it is, we'll let you know!), the article gives a lot of background information on how the shoot was set up and the pros/cons of shooting with the 5D2.

A small snippet from their story: “In a few days the TV commercial we shot for J!NX will air on TV. We (The Bui Brothers) shot the entire commercial on a Canon 5D Mark II. In this post we want to talk a little about the good, the bad and everything in-between that we encountered while shooting a TV commercial on a DSLR.”

And their conclusion starts with this “The Canon 5D mark II was literally perfect for the television commercial shoot”

Please visit their site to see the entire article – it is well worth the read!


  1. Well – it’s sort of a photo finish for TV commercial firsts.
    Here’s a link to our spot for the Delray Beach Film Festival 2010:

    It’s already at Comcast and due to start Friday.

    I LOVE the Canon 5D2 – let’s get that firmware upgrade underway ASAP.

    We are off to shoot the Sebring International auto races in March – that will tell a lot more about the flexibility of the 5D2. But having spent that large majority of my career as a “high-end” 35mm TV spot director/cameraman, I’ve got to say – I feel right at home, once again.

    Check out the footage if you’ve got any doubts.

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