Collision Conference – the convergence of stills and video

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Yes, it is happening, and we've talked about it before, the line between the still photographer and the videographer is blurring and the Canon EOS 5D Mark II has certainly had a lot to do with that. We've just been informed of a new conference exploring the convergence of stills and video. The “Collision Conference” is going to help understand where the medium is going and has a great line up of speakers:

  • Vincent Laforet is an accomplished photographer who was the first to realize the potential of the 5D Mark II with his short video Reverie.
  • Shane Hurlbut is an accomplished DP whose recent work includes Terminator Salvation.
  • Frank Rohmer is the creator of the first DVD tutorial for editing Canon 5D Mark II files in Final Cut.
  • Alexx is at the forefront of hybrid photography and has shot Living Posters for his Hollywood clients.
  • Lou Lesko is a freelance writer and photographer who regularly contributes to Digital Photo Pro Magazine, Resolve Blog and National Geographic Assignment Blog.
  • Michael Britt Managing Partner of Image Mechanics.  Michael's workshops and seminars have helped thousands of photographers to spend less time behind the keyboard and more time shooting.

“Because so many photographers were unprepared for the first wave of the digital revolution, we created Collision Conference as a way to help savvy photographers/cinematographers stay ahead of this trend and not become roadkill.” (from Image Mechanics intro to the Collision Conference).

“Who Should Attend? Professional photographers and filmmakers interested in working with hybrid DSLRs and the REDâ„¢ to create moving and still imagery. Attendees will leave this event armed with the latest information and tools to prepare their businesses to withstand the coming challenges as traditional photography collides with filmmaking.”

“Both days will have exhibitors showcasing the latest gear designed for DSLR filmmaking along with a raffle for attendees with full conference passes. Prizes include two Redrock Micro kits and two Litepanels Micro LED lights.”

This sounds like a very interesting conference – interesting enough that I'm thinking about flying to LA for this one. It isn't 100% specific to the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, but for anyone interested in this emerging DSLRV technology, it sounds like the place to be.

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