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Hi y'all – I'm waaay behind on some submissions to planet5D so I'm going to try to get some out here in a rush. These are some Canon EOS 5D Mark II video submissions that have backing up in the queue.

planet5D friend Roger Ridpath submitted this quite a while ago. He's got a website called CampPhotoshop with lots of great photoshop tips and advice.

Here's what Roger sent us:

“Mitch, Thought you might be interested in my the video book review I shot on my 5D. It's not as sexy as some of the samples I've see but I think it has a great look to it. I shot it with a 135 prime. I compressed it down to 720p and edited in final cut pro. The animated background between shots is from

If anyone is interested in the written review it's here:

Thanks Roger!


Serge Ramelli from France sent us his stills and a commercial he's done for a local computer shop:

“I love your web site and I go there dailly to get infos on the canon 5d mark II which I have since several months and since years the original 5D. Im a pro photographer leaving in france and working in advertising, I took mostly artistic pictures of landscape or the city of paris.

you can the see the photos on and my porfolio of paris on

I also did a try out commercial for a computer store, this is was just to try the video features of the 5D, I did the sound separately with a pro sound engineer, and I edited in final cut and did some color correction using magic bullet, even thought the video is in french I think the concept can be understood in english

tks again for your web site, this is where i got all the info on how to do the editing in final cut pro


Fausse Pub Fnac Full HD from Ramelli on Vimeo.

Have a hot 5D mk ii tip, a video, or a 5D2 product to announce? Give us a shout

“Hi, my name is Alexandre and I own a production company in Brazil, for the last few weeks we have done many jobs using 5D before the new firmware, this is our user folder on youtube with some of the results.

Best regards. Alexandre”

Here's one of their productions:

Ivan Garcia sent in a ‘fusion' engagement video he and his wife have created.

“I just acquired two 5d mark 2's which my wife and I used to photograph, but only I was recording clips as I was shooting. I've had previous video experience and I always wanted to create something unique, but photography is my passion. Now the 5d mark 2 fulfills my dreams with both! I can't wait to push this baby to the limits!

Enjoy, Ivan & Ana”

Angela & Leo from Ivan Garcia on Vimeo.

Engagement photo and video fusion


Jonathan Pierredon submitted two videos, but here's the first one:

“both done with a cheap canon 50 mm. it's my first job with the 5D and i'm very glad to work with it, hope to make more money to invest in more accessories and lenses.

thanks for your work
jojolavideo (paris)

ivan marasco submits:

“this is a video of famous singer here in italy ARISA. shot with canon 5d mark ii and TWO canon zoom lenses: 24-70 zoom and 70-200mm. and a lot of effects.

director :fabio d'orta
cinematographer:ivan marasco

as cinematographer i'm not very happy.

ARISA from ivAN Marasco on Vimeo.

shot with canon 5d mark II

Curious as to why he said he wasn't happy, I looked at the comments on vimeo (using the google translator:)
“for conversion are not sure the method used by the director (who has edited the post).
cinematools the final cut or mounted to 30fps and then export the final to 25 master semplicemente.diciamo that there were very tight delivery and thus do not think he used the best method of conversion.
but so was a music video where everything is allowed.
with respect to issues:
production went to savings and say that we have complicated their lives because we had to turn in 6 hours with so many scenes (including mounting and dismounting green screen).
We found the location two days before the shooting and the day before (to further reduce the budget) has removed the lights, which I used so I had to change the lights in 12 hours.
This is another new director, which for me remains formidable for what he does but the only flaw of thinking that everything will be resolved in the digital age.
but unfortunately it is not always true and then make naivety during filming for this conviction.
not even caring much what we call art direction.e even some of leggerenza selecting a location. two elements that affect a lot about photography.
and then the music …. not really my genre.
with respect to the camera have limitations but I find it very interesting (of course it should be evaluated by running the project).
I hope soon to be able to test in a feature film (or short)

Last but not least!

Holmes Thompson sent in this awesome BMX video:

“Just got a 5d mk2 and starting to shoot some Action Sports stuff with it… Thought you guys might like to see it…”

A day with Mark Webb from Robin Fenlon on Vimeo.

A day with Relentless and Vans rider Mark Webb at his home in Portsmouth. Riding his backyard ramp before leaving to ride in the AST Dew Tour. The day of the shoot, Mark learned he'd been asked to ride in this years X-Games.
Shot on a Canon 5D Mk2.

(Photo credit: snap from the Arisa video)


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