UPDATE: We found out how the Canon EOS 5D Mark II helmet cam was used! Please read our new story – Canon EOS 5D Mark II Helmet Cam used to promote “Terminator Salvation”!

planet5D EXCLUSIVE! Friend of planet5D, Rodney Charters (Director of Photography (DP) on the FOX TV series 24 – IMDB profile), sent us this very interesting tidbit… a Canon EOS 5D Mark II mounted on a helmet and Hollywood is standing up and taking notice. Hold on to your hat!

FCP Training

Rodney said: “This really interesting e-mail got to me on Friday and I am convinced that you will want to post it immediately. It was sent by my DP friend Lisa Wiegand who has just taken over as the DP on Dollhouse. By all accounts Panavision were happy to have people photograph and videotape this demonstration. It’s my sneaking suspicion that the helmet was used on Ironman, but I do not have any confirmation of that. It’s a device which allows for a very close camera point of view in any kind of fight situation where somebody is coming at you and again of course in parachute drops and the like.” (editor note: we inserted the links)



(Photo credit: snap from the video)