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Yippee – we're proud to announce another new planet5D advertiser – Genus – with Canon EOS 5D Mark II products. “Genus creates innovative products for the video and photography professional. The Genus range of products are designed and built to exacting standards. At Genus, we believe in having an active conversation with our customers. We are committed to making the products you need. Genus products are extensive field tested by video and photography professionals in the most demanding environments. Our motto is “Designed by Professionals for Professionals”. Genus products are reasonably priced. Our aim is to redefine the price point for quality photographic and video products.”

Genus product quotes from Philip Bloom.
“This is a really affordable set up. Most Matte Boxes and supports cost a lot of money and are often out of the price range of the keen amateur or indie film maker, but they really are essentially in many situations. ”
“The Genus set up has managed to balance cost and build quality and doesn’t weigh much”
“This has to be the best budget set up I have come across”

From Dan Chung, award winning Guardian photographer and 5D owner
“Its low profile, lightweight and wide angle coverage made it the only matte box I've found suitable for run and gun shooting with the 5dmkII, the added bonus is that it also works with my EX-1, EX-3 and broadcast lenses on my DSR-500. On the 5dmkII I can use it as a clip on or on rails, it fits well using the company’s GMB advanced adaptor bars which give you limited horizontal and vertical placement of the 15mm support rods. It has two aluminium filter stages which rotate and lock into place firmly and the whole thing looks as well built as possible for a lightweight product. All in all it's perfect for my needs.”

From Patrick Brown foreign correspondent for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and independent TV documentary maker based in Beijing.
“The Genus is extremely light. Even with two filters loaded into the snug filter trays, it does not unbalance the camera or put significant stress on the lens mount. The matte box, filters and bars are compact. When not in use, they fit easily into our backpack run bag. The Genus is an ingeniousl and affordable design which out shoots more cumbersome and much more expensive brands.”

We're very happy to have Genus on board with planet5D.

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