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Friend of planet5D, Tom from timescapes, whom we highlighted in this post “Stunning Canon 5D Mark II Timelapse Video” sent us this new tidbit:

“Mitch, I just finished shooting 2nd Unit digital timelapse for a major international Audi commercial that wrapped principal photography in LA two days ago. In order to match 1st unit's anamorphic 35mm film, we experimented with shooting digital RAW timelapse sequences with a Panavision 50mm anamorphic Primo lens. The 5D2>Panavision adapter was custom machined by Panavision Hollywood.

Director Anthony Atanasio and I really wanted to break at least a little bit of new ground with this shoot. It's fun to think that here we are in 2009 shooting 21mp digital RAW timelapse on these beautiful, legendary Primo lenses that were used to shoot cinema masterpieces like ‘The Thin Red Line.' The anamorphic Primo is so massive that the 5D2 almost looks like a lens cap on the back! But the quality of the images this combo produced was stunning — particularly in low-light conditions.

I forgot to mention that brand-new LA resident Vincent Laforet joined us for one night of the Audi shoot. He nailed a gorgeous timelapse sequence with his Canon 500mm F/4 and 5D2 from the roof of the AT&T building downtown.”


Tom included these beautiful images (click for larger sizes):

The anamorphic image:

And the resulting ‘unsqueezed' image:

Tom, we can't wait to see the final result!

(Photo credit: images provided by Tom – they are all copyrighted)

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