planet5D has a wiki!

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It has been a while since I really mentioned it but maybe it is time for a reminder. One of the really great (modest aren't I?) resources of planet5D is our Canon EOS 5D Mark II wiki. In fact, before there was this blog, there was the wiki. We started with creating the wiki when we created planet5D.

I've always thought that wikis were a perfect solution to information storage about a particular topic. Especially since they're easily updated by anyone and there's a search tool for people to look for information in the wiki. So often I see people ask the same questions over and over in forums and it seems to me that if they were to go to a wiki, they'd find the answers they were looking for instead of asking in a forum. That's why I started the wiki for the 5D mk ii – not to mention I thought there needed to be a central place where people could see the really cool videos that were coming out.

Anyway, I thought that for many of you, you might not know the history and might not know we even have a wiki and so I thought it was time for a reminder.

So, what's in our wiki?

There are also sections about the original 5d, but they're not fully realized.

So, if you've got a minute, please familiarize yourself with something in the wiki – it will probably help you in the long run when you've got a 5D mk ii question!

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