“Magic Lantern” – firmware hack for Canon EOS 5D Mark II released as open platform

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Trammell Hudson has released the first “pre-release” firmware hack for the Canon EOS 5D Mark II as well as an informational wiki. Trammell has been making some significant progress – we've talked about earlier success with the zebra stripes for over exposure and the audio gain control. The wiki states that this “Magic Lantern is an open platform for developing enhancements to the amazing Canon 5D Mark II full frame digital SLR.” Tho it also has some pretty significant warnings about possible dangers with the pre-release version. So, don't download and install unless you read the entire wiki! Progress to date features these key components:

    • Onscreen stereo audio meters
    • Full-time cropmarks
    • Zebra stripes for overexposed regions
    • Fixed audio gain (+10 dB analog, +12 dB digital) with -NO AGC-
    • Live headphone monitoring on A/V jack (without disabling LCD)
    • printf() to the bitmap display
    • GUI event viewer (press Picture Style button)

    The most significant announcement today is the release of the wiki which contains a “private beta, even though it is on a public website” of the firmware which states “THIS IS A PRE-RELEASE VERSION. Do not use it for production. There will be problems with it. It might destroy your camera.

    By the way, if you appreciate Hudson's work on the hack, we highly suggest you donate a little to him. He has a donation's link on the wiki. We did and we encourage you to do so as well.


    Here's an introductory video that he's released:

    Magic Lantern firmware introduction from Trammell Hudson on Vimeo.

    We're thrilled with his progress and we're pleased to see it released as open software so that others can contribute!

    (Photo credit: snap from the intro video)


    1. SOOOOOOO, can’t you sell this upgrade to Canon?? All they have to do is test it and slap it into the next firmware release! Any way to do that?

    2. When will you have a working version, we would pay for one…

      1. Author

        I’ve not heard any rumors of anything for the Canon Rebel T1i/500D — not saying it won’t happen, but I tend to think the focus is all on the 5D2

    3. the T1i is so amazing and with manual controls and maybe even 24p it’d be unbelievable!

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