“High/Low” trailer – filmed with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II

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This clip is from Fabien Dubois who writes us about his film “High/Low”:

“I’m Fabien Dubois, a 25 french movie director. I’m also working like digital compositor.

High/low is my new short film shot on dslr camera.

the teaser was made a week after the shooting. ( no vfx, just few colorgrade with FCP )

The scene takes place in Tokyo and the story is about two step-brothers roaming across the city. The first one is working on this decibel map project, the second one, totally lost and confused, drowns his dreariness in alcohol…

I chose to shot it on mark II, for an ergonomic and artistic way, at this time the firmware of manual setting wasn’t ready but shooting with this type of camera was really interesting, especially about the low light ability. Tokyo by night is a wonderful city, and I think the Mark II truly honors this feeling.

The film is currently in the edit-room, I’ve already made some tests of color grading with Apple-color and Magic Bullet Looks and it is very stimulating. Afterward, I’ll focus on vfx, mostly matte-painting and compositing.

I hope the film will be ready around September!”

Thanks Fabien!

HIGH / LOW – Teaser ( Canon 5d Mark II ) from fabien Dubois on Vimeo.


Directed by Fabien Dubois
Jérémie Ruiz Jimenez / Gabriel Bouvier
Music by Matti Paalanen




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