Exclusive – “Lonely Girl” Music Video Filmed with Canon EOS 5D Mark II

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Snooping around the other day, I stumbled into this cool new music video filmed with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II. “Lonely Girl” is the new single from Oceanlab and includes actors model Jacqueline Lord and actor Scott Elrod. The description on Youtube includes this “The single coincides with the release of OceanLab ‘Sirens Of The Sea REMIXED', which reached #1 in iTunes dance album chart in the US.”

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I found the director Sarah Weinstein thru a site called Radar Music Videos and asked her if she'd like to comment on the video and she also included some behind the scenes stills (see below!):

“To create the music video for Above and Beyond's beautiful but haunting track “Lonely Girl”, I decided to combine the ideas of love found — and lost — with the power of memory. In my own life, I've found that sometimes the relationships I form with others — and the memories we create together — are too important to ignore or leave behind. The lyrics of “Lonely Girl” seem to tell the story of a young woman who realizes the same thing after an amazing romance ends.

I built the storyline around my love of old-school analog photography. I recently bought the Diana F+ camera by Lomography (www.lomography.com) and I love the wacky, ultra-colorized images it produces. So I used the idea of this style of photography as a way for the lead character — model/actress Jacqueline Lord — to document the romance we see unfolding in “Lonely Girl”. In the end, these photos become the only way for her to show her lost love how much their relationship meant to her.

The Director of Photography, Bennett Cerf, suggested we shoot the entire video on the revolutionary Canon 5D Mark 2. It looks like a still camera but has unbelievable HD video capabilities. And because it looks like a still camera, you can go anywhere and look like a tourist — even though you're shooting a video! The rich, vibrant colors and cinematic imagery it produced made it a wonderful albeit slightly unconventional choice. We attached a Lensbaby adapter to a second Canon still camera and of course used the Diana F+ to create the final product. Bennett's artistic know-how and unwavering attention to detail shine through in both the stills and the video.

Jacqueline Lord and actor Scott Elrod made the perfect pair to bring my original vision to life onscreen. Jacqueline has graced the covers of countless major US and international fashion magazines and TV commercials. Scott has a significant US fan base for his work as a lead actor in TV series' including “Men in Trees”, “CSI Miami”, “Hellhounds” and many others. Their professionalism and great chemistry made the two-day shoot a lot of fun. We covered a lot of territory — from Manhattan Beach to Mulholland Drive to the gritty streets of LA's downtown Arts District. Our tight-knit, fast-moving professional crew made it easy.

In the end, I think “Lonely Girl” shows there is beauty in every meaningful relationship we have — even when things don't turn out the way we planned. And I hope it is a reflection of the musical and stylistic excellence that has made Above and Beyond the best trance music act in the world.”

After the video, we also get exclusive feedback from the Director of Photography


Bennett Cerf, Director of Photography on the video, had this to say to planet5D about the 5D mk ii:

“When we started planning the video “Lonely Girl”, Sarah Weinstein, the director, said that she wanted to use a Red camera. However, it was hard to justify the expense of renting a camera and lenses and bringing in an extra person to deal with the moment to moment details of that camera on a tight budget. I had previously used the 5D mark II on an underwater shot for a commercial in which we had shot Red primarily and it intercut seamlessly with the Red footage so I thought we'd get similar results.

The 5D markII creates a beautiful, natural look. I like the soft tones that it outputs. It was relatively easy to handhold. I found that shooting on our 17-35mm lens was usually perfect for handheld. For some shots, we had also used a lensbaby on the 5D which I could adjust while we were rolling. That would have been pretty cumbersome on a larger camera with a full sized chip.

Along with the great portability and excellent color and contrast reproduction, one thing bothered me. The CMOS sensor on the mark II functions as a rolling shutter instead of a global shutter. For shots with camera movement, the image became very wobbly and jello-like. I tried to fix the jello effect in post, but to very little efficacy. I think the camera is best suited for slow overall movement or static shots. Jello effect aside, the 5D really added to the production value of the video.”

And last but not least, Sarah included these behind the scenes shots for your enjoyment (click for larger sizes):

The Canon 5D Mark 2 on the set:


Director of Photography Bennett Cerf captures the overlook scene

Director of Photography Bennett Cerf shoots the final scene of the day as Director Sarah Weinstein looks on.


Oh, and there are some more behind the scenes stills on flickr!

Sarah and Bennett, thank you so much for helping out our planet5D fans!

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(Photo credit: snap from the images Sarah sent – please do not use without permission!)

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