CASULO – Brazilian trailer for Canon EOS 5D Mark II film

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Submitting another film trailer shot on the Canon EOS 5D Mark II for your review. planet5D friend Denver Riddle submitted this and helped us get in contact with the writer/director Bernardo Uzeda who writes:

“Hello Mitch, It's a short narrative fiction film, with real professional actors, real synced sound recorded externally, underwater shots and a future 35mm print. It was the first film shot with Canon in Brazil (it was shot in april), I had the script written a long time before the release of this camera and almost shot with the HVX200 (thank God my director of photography convinced me to shot with the 5dm2, but at the time there were zero 5dm2's in Brazil, and we had to buy one).

and here's the link to the film's website

by the way, your blog is a genius idea, thanks a lot for that.

regards, Bernardo Uzeda”

The trailer:

Casulo – Short Film Teaser from Bernardo Uzeda on Vimeo.

Teaser for the upcoming independent Brazilian short-film CASULO (english title: IMAGO), currently in post-production.

Writer / Director : Bernardo Uzeda
Cinematographer : Guga Millet
Producer: Isadora Sachett

( original teaser music: Bernardo Uzeda )

Shot with Canon 5D Mark II in April 2009.

Post-processing with NeatVideo and Color Finesse 2. Pulldown / conforming to 24p made with Twixtor 4.5 and After Effects CS4.


(Photo credit: snap from the trailer)


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