“Blockhead” – a new horror short shot on the Canon EOS 5D Mark II

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Well, it had to happen right? We've got a new trailer for a horror short that's been filmed with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II. “Blockhead” is a Short Film uniting John Conway and Aaron Proctor and it scares me enough (I'm a major whimp!). John contacted me (you can too) and we've swapped a couple of emails and he sent some awesome stills (see below) while he's been working on the trailer – well it is out now!

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John said: “So first of all I do want to say thank you all for checking out the trailer to Blockhead.
Blockhead is the tale of John, a man who suffers from a disease after years of working with concrete. He is locked up in the family bookstore, in which he is taken care of by his younger brother Dave. Dave moonlights as an accomplice to John's murderous habit.

We had a pretty decent sized crew including, grip and electrics, an A.C., wardrobe, hair & makeup, great effects from Monster FX, and some friends helping out all around as well. Brought on a great D.P., Aaron Proctor, to shoot it, as we prepped by shooting some smaller projects before hand to get a feel for the camera.

A lot of the crew on Blockhead, are friends of mine that I frequently work with in the indie world, and the rest are now friends. They definitely busted their asses on this film. We shot a total of four days, spanned over two weekends at the beginning of June 09, just in time for the Manual Firmware update Canon decided to grace us with!! The actors in the film are definitely up and coming, hard working professionals.

Bought the 5dMKII a couple of months ago planning on shooting Blockhead with it.

We used all Canon lenses including, 28mm f/1.2, 50mm f/1.4, EF 24mm f/1.4, 85mm, 100-300mm, and of course the Lensbaby Composer.

Also used a follow focus rig.

It's tough to make a film on a budget thats out of pocket, but it looks great, and it's something we're all proud of.

Check out the website @ www.blockheadthefilm.com and also follow us @ www.twitter.com/blockheadfilm
John Francis Conway III”

Here's the trailer:


John graciously also provided these stills (click to see larger images)



(Photo credit: snap from the stills John sent)

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