500 pictures in 3 minutes – a Canon EOS 5D & Mk II stills movie

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Lately, we seem to be focusing (no camera pun intended) on the video aspects of the Canon EOS 5D Mark II. We have talked a little about the stills side (with the ‘focus‘ post) but we don't want to forget that the 5D mk ii is one heck of a still camera! We've been in contact with a really fun couple in Toronto who are a team of portrait photographers called aim2please. We highlighted them in our wedding post a few days ago and they've also put together a retrospective movie of their stills shot recently with their 5Ds and now with their 5D2s.


We've had fun conversing with both of them, but here's what Steve submitted for this post:

“Heidi and Steve from Aim 2 Please Photography are a husband and wife team based out of Toronto, Canada. For five years now, they have been building their portfolio, client base and reputation as “out of the box” photographers. Last year they played with the idea of “silent films” – they lugged an old 20D around on a tripod and had the timer set to fire off automatically throughout the day. The effect was amazing – essentially a stop-motion film in old black and white and clients just loved their “weddings in one minute”. But as with all things, what's new becomes old, so Aim 2 Please ceased silent films in the fall of 2008. Recently Heidi and Steve have turned their attention to fashion photography hoping to add more glamour to their already dramatic wedding day shots. What they discovered are that models love having videos of their images hit you at rapid pace – almost like our old silent films! Our newest project now features 4 complete weddings and 3 engagement shoots, all in three minutes! The response has been incredible! Hope you love it!

Everything you see was shot with either a 5D mkI or 5D mkII, almost exclusively with Canon's prime L lenses. The final project was cut with ProShow Producer and the song is from Triple Scoop Music”

And without further hype from me is “500 pictures in 3 minutes” by aim2please:

500 pictures in 3 minutes from Aim2Please on Vimeo.

This brief production highlights our work from the past year including some stunning wedding pictures and some unique engagement photos. Most images were shot with the Canon 5D and recently with the Canon 5D mkII, image processing occurred in Adobe Lightroom and the final slideshow was created with ProShow Producer. The awesome music, by Liquid Factor, was acquired through Triple Scoop Music. Heidi and Steve, the principal photographers of Aim 2 Please Photography, are based in Toronto, Canada and specialize in weddings, engagement shoots and portraits (watch for a new website dedicated to baby photos and family portraits!) We'd also like to give a big thank you to Leanna, Aimee and Lew who assisted on many of these cool events – you guys ROCK! And lastly, one more thank you to Tara Elizabeth for the inspiration!


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Steve and Heidi also let me know that they've got another really cool project in work to be released on July 1st… so we'll of course be showing that off as well.

Thanks y'all for some great work!

(Photo credit: snap from the video)

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