Second Canon EOS 5D Mark II hack! Audio Metering

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Yup, it has happened. The second hack for the Canon EOS 5D Mark II has been produced and demonstrated. Same author, different feature. This time, audio metering. Here's the demo!

5D Mark Free audio meters from Trammell Hudson on Vimeo.

Demo of the audio level meters in the 5D Mark Free (version 0.0.4). The audio is calibrated from -40 dB to 0 dB with 5 dB tick marks, but the ballistics are not good and drawing to the VRAM is not synced with the redraw period. Despite those problems, we're running our own code on the camera and showing that we can add new features to it.

For more details see the forum post: cinema5d


Hudson's first hack, Audio Gain Control, was discussed on this blog as well.

As far as I'm aware, neither of these has been released to the public, only demonstrated. I'm dying to see what Canon's working on!

(Photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. How many people in this group are aware of the third-party operating system software that has been created for many MP3 players? These add “missing” or desirable features, and allow the user to customized the device in new ways.

    I doubt I’m the only person seriously annoyed at the design and default behavior of many digital camera features (from Canon and other companies). I don’t know where Mr. Hudson will find the time or money to do it, but the 5D2 software seriously needs to a major hack to improve its utility and usability.

    I’ve got plenty of suggestions, as I’m sure other users do.

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