Rumor: Harry Potter film crew using 2 Canon 5D mk ii cameras with Panavision lenses

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Warning… pure rumor here… One source, (at this time I don't have any confirmation so this is truly rumor!) is reporting that the crew working on the next Harry Potter movie has 2 Canon EOS 5D Mark II cameras on set for filming. And, they're using Panavision lenses on the 5D2s. That doesn't mean they're using them as primary sources for the movie tho. Maybe they saw our earlier post “Music Video filmed with Canon 5D Mark II and Panavision movie lens“? Here's the setup from that story:



I'd sure expect that they'd hopefully also be using the new firmware that is rumored to be circulating – see “Confirmation of firmware patches coming?” – where we also note that “Fact: Iron Man 2 is using this camera as well but you have to wait until 2010 to see the results.”

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It seems that more and more movie and TV production crews are using the Canon 5D mk ii to produce movies, TV shows, commercials, music videos and independent movies galore.


  1. I think all these rumors are just smoke, as I find it as just talk to justify us buying and holding on to a camera that is crippled while the comp. is coming out with updated cameras.

    Another rumor out there is from people who tested this camera early in the process. They asked for what we ask now of Canon. Manual exposure, 24P, etc. This was at the 9 -0 mo’s mark to the press release…. so go figure what the real future is.

    1. for example? nikon is broke and they dont have any new cameras being released. d90 and d5000 video is crap. sony dslr is also crap with shit minolta lenses. 5dmk2 far superior!

  2. It makes sense for behind the scene’s/extra’s footage. With Blu-Ray creating a desire for ‘extras’ that aren’t just bs interviews or commentaries, we’ll see this happen more and more. You could put 10+ 5d 2’s on a set for the price of renting a feature camera. This allows every one on the set to produce extra footage. Also I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes a sort of foothold position to get to cinematographer or other position. It would make sense given that 30fps is a hell of a lot closer to 29.97 than 24.

  3. The absent of 24 fps is only an issue for home users in Europe and Asia. In USA that is not an issue. In the movie industry again that isnt an issue since they can get hold of theatre standard edit equipments. Even for home users in the UK and elsewhere if you have a Sony Bravia that too can convert the 5DMk2 25 fps to 24 fps.

  4. Given that the Panavision lenses offer manual aperture control, this makes me wonder if there actually is updated firmware or if the lens is a work around for the lack of aperture control in the existing firmware.

  5. – There is also another “rumor” that tells a firmware update is being tested in another production. Can not tell wich one.

    – We still keep showing our STRONG interest and request to Canon for FULL MANUAL CONTROL for EOS 5D Mark II, and also 1080p24 if possible.

    – Please for info & details check:

    Started in march, with little spreading, more than 2.000 people, even Professionals working at production studios from ALL AROUND THE WORLD have signed a Petition to Canon Inc., and also placed LOT of requests by each one’s personal ways, inquiries, online reviews, and phone calls to Canon.

    – We all hope Canon announces SOON a firmware update giving “FULL” manual control.
    Only Aperture manual control would be more than disappointing, and will even drop the loyalty of too many already frustrated customers who had to purchase Nikon lenses to get at least Aperture control…

    THANKS TO and to EVERYONE supporting every possible action in this direction.

  6. Canon can introduce firmware upgrade for WB and picture style control during video function. This would be useful when lighting situation changes.

    When the 1DsMk4 comes out next year we may see image stabilizer body comming to the fold that can be used when videoing.

  7. Cheap 5Ds for ‘behind-the-scenes’ maybe. But then why go to the huge expense of putting a Panavision lens on the front?

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  10. It is strange to me that a serious production would think about acquiring their footage using a camera with a 40mbit AVC bandwidth cap such as the 5d. A colorist would certainly not have much range to play with. Ultimately going back to another compressed format such as bluray will surely intensify the ugly artifacting.

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  14. WHEN CANON DOES OFFER 24 FRAMS A SEC ON THE MARK II, isn’t that going to cause more strobing and motion blur in panning that with the 30 frames per second? Maybe you’ll get your 24 frames per, and the loss of sharpness will be more than you want.
    I just shot a rail trip in canada with my Mark II, and used a zeiss 17-35mm on it with a conorous adapter. With a moving train, I was happy to have the thirty frames a sec. It also smooths out hand held shots while I was drivng with one hand, and filing with the other…and I know that leaving it at an 18mm setting helps also to reduce vibration…At 18 it just gets rid of the vignetting seen at 17mm.

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