Warning… pure rumor here… One source, (at this time I don’t have any confirmation so this is truly rumor!) is reporting that the crew working on the next Harry Potter movie has 2 Canon EOS 5D Mark II cameras on set for filming. And, they’re using Panavision lenses on the 5D2s. That doesn’t mean they’re using them as primary sources for the movie tho. Maybe they saw our earlier post “Music Video filmed with Canon 5D Mark II and Panavision movie lens“? Here’s the setup from that story:



I’d sure expect that they’d hopefully also be using the new firmware that is rumored to be circulating – see “Confirmation of firmware patches coming?” – where we also note that “Fact: Iron Man 2 is using this camera as well but you have to wait until 2010 to see the results.”

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It seems that more and more movie and TV production crews are using the Canon 5D mk ii to produce movies, TV shows, commercials, music videos and independent movies galore.