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I just wanted to take a minute to thank each and every one of you who visited planet5D and those who have written to tell me how much you're enjoying the information and news we're providing here at planet5D! Please don't forget to visit our advertisers too!

Our growth has far exceeded the plans that I had for the site and it has been a wonderful experience. It is so much fun to watch the readers navigate around the site thru the live web stats program Woopra! I can see each user as they come on board and watch to see which pages they visit as well as a whole ton of other stats about them (see the woopra images below). If you follow me on twitter (and if you don't you should), then you'll know I'm always blabbing about how great Woopra is!

The growth has been so amazing, I thought I'd share a few of the stats (there are some more charts over on the advertise page if you're really loving charts) with you.

First, look at this growth! (altho the site started back in October 2008, I didn't have google stats hooked up until late Jan 2009)


We're also getting a lot of readers thru the Feedburner RSS feed! This just totally blows me away! (The green subscribers line is the one to look at here – the other one is “reach” (which I don't really understand LOL)).fb-1


And our readers also read more than just one story when they're here (you can also see that on the Woopra stats) – this chart compares planet5D to a couple of similar blogs to give an idea of how we're doing compared to others:


Ok, here's the Woopra “Live” page clip (it is hard to see unless I make it wide). Here, I get to see each user (I've blacked out the IP addresses just to be cautious). It shows me which pages are being viewed by specific users in the order they've visited them. It shows a map of the world so I can see all of the cool places people are coming from. It shows referrers, number of visits, time on site etc too. Amazing!

This woopra page is the “Overview” for the blog. It shows today's traffic by hour (the faint lines are historical averages). It also shows the top pages for the day, the top referrers, and the bottom is all about the search terms people are using to find us.


I'm very very pleased at our google ranking by the way, it is bringing in LOTs of readers! Just do a search on just about any canon 5D mk ii phrase you can think of and we're usually in the top 10 – wow! THANKS to all of you who link back to planet5D!

Anyway, thank you to all of you for making planet5D such a great resource!


  1. Congratulation Mitch! I I can tell that you are getting a lot of traffic because of all the visitors that you are sending my way when one of your articles links to my blog ;-).

  2. Keep up the great work. You are by far the best source out there for all of us DSLR video/movie people. Your advertising clients will soon see some results.

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