Octopi Films announces new DSLRV rigs

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We'd like to welcome a new sponsor to planet5D, Octopi Films! They've got a new line of DSLR rigs that appear to be quite nice.

Tracey gave us this bit of background on the company and the new rigs:

“I started out a couple of years ago selling DIY 35mm adapters. After owning a couple of adapters myself, I saw a need to fill the gap between the DIY adapter and the more expensive kit. After I bought the 5D, I saw a real potential with DSLR cams. I decided to come up with an affordable solution for film makers to beef up their little VDSLR cams. After getting the first prototype, I went out and immediately filmed a spec music video using my rig and the Canon 5d MKII:

Music Video SPEC shot on Canon 5D from Tracey Lee on Vimeo.

The Octopi VDSLR rig has a couple of unique features that I decided to incorporate. First off, we the base plate that accommodates standard 15mm rails, comes equipped with a Bogen Imaging BO577 577 Quick Release Adapter Assembly. This allows easy on and off of your DSLR camera (very nice). It also comes with a support arm that curls up around the camera and has three handles for various ways to hold your rig while shooting.

The Octopi DSLR set up is sold in three different packages:

1. BASIC: 15mm rods, baseplate and Bogen quick release, and support arm.
2. INDIE: 15mm rods, baseplate and Bogen quick release, and support arm, dual follow focus system.
3. PRO: 15mm rods, baseplate and Bogen quick release, and support arm, dual follow focus system, and matte box.”

Here are some images of this equipment (click to see larger sizes). They are working on adding additional photos to their site as well as additional equipment to expand the line.






Please join me in thanking Octopi Films for joining us at planet5D.


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