Exclusive: Canon 5D Mark II begins filming full length feature

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The other day, we found a post on twitter announcing a new feature length movie that was about to begin shooting with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II by Mind Head Media. So we started digging a bit to see what we could find out. We found a blog post on their site with the announcement back on May 2nd and a couple of other posts about casting, teaser art, and audio testing with the 5D mk ii. They seemed pretty serious about it, so we kept asking questions. Then, we got the good news that the production crew would send us a bit of an inside peek at this new movie “Teleport-O-Potty”.

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With all the excitement over other movies (the rumored Harry Potter and the confirmed Iron Man 2), there's sure a lot of excitement over the video being done with the Canon 5D Mark II!


So let me introduce Clint Weldon co-director and producer of the film:

THE FILM: The film is called TELEPORT-O-POTTY, it's a feature length sci-fi, adventure/comedy that takes place in a small beach side town in Florida. The film is being produced by MIND-HEAD FILMS (www.mind-head.com) in partnership with the 48 Hour Guerrilla Film Competition (www.48GFC.com). The plot revolves around John, a perpetually late and unorganized 28 year old who still lives at home with his mother. When John's girlfriend Molly threatens to leave him if he doesn't get his act together, he opens a scooter repair shop in town and goes into business for himself. Everything is going swell for John until a mysterious wristwatch appears that teleports John to a random bathroom every day at exactly 3:14 (am & pm). Unable to remove the watch, John enlists the assistance of his genius best friend, Marcus, and with the help of a robot named MOUSE, the two go on a quest to find the origin of the evil timepiece. Things take a turn for the worse when two mysterious men begin hunting the trio.

The film combines high-tech, space-age digital effects that are sure to impress even the most die-hard HEAT VISION AND JACK fans with the amazing clarity and low-light performance of the Canon 5D MKII imagery capture device.

PRODUCTION TEAM: (More about the team on the Mind Head site) Our team consists of Michael Kayatta, writer co-director and creator; Nick Burch, animator and art department director; Clint Weldon, 10 year production veteran, co-director and producer.

THE SCHEDULE: Over the course of the next 12 weeks we will be shooting on location and in studio with the MKII and we will be putting it through it's paces beyond what most film makers have done thus far. We will be shooting on green screen for later composites into visual effects shots as well as shooting from moving vehicles and will attempt some aerial shots, utilizing the advantages of the MK II's small size and low weight.

We have already begun production on some early sequences that will appear in the finished film and I have included a few stills in this email as well as some cells from the storyboards. The stills are from a sequence we call STARSHIP LOVE AFFAIR, the fictional TV show that the characters in the film watch religiously. In the universe of TELEPORT-O-POTTY, STARSHIP LOVE AFFAIR is the highest rated TV show of all time.


NOTE: These images were not shot with the MKII, they are merely shots from on location during production.




We're happy to answer any questions as we continue the process of production. We will attempt to update our website regularly with production blogs as we move forward but I can't make many promises as this project has already proven to be a bear and will most likely get more difficult before it gets any easier.


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  2. I can vouch for the ability of the 5Dmk2 to shoot a feature length film. I shot a feature for 6 weeks in New York Winter (february/march) with the camera using Zeiss glass. Can’t say more than that right now, but I believe we are the first feature to complete principal photography on the MK2.

  3. though the pictures and lighting are so ugly that shooting with a hd type of picturing is quite logical

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