Beachtek announces the DXA-5D XLR adapter for the Canon 5D MKII !

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Beachtek announces the DXA-5D XLR adapter for the Canon 5D MKII! This too is slightly old news, but important none the less. Especially for anyone wanting to do professional audio with the Canon 5D mk ii.

“If you’ve been following the maturation of the Canon 5D MKII as an HD video capture device, then you’ve probably heard about the camera’s limitations with regards to audio recording.

Yes, the 5D MKII does record audio via an internal microphone but that feature is so basic as to be nearly useless.  There is, thankfully, an “Audio In” jack but the camera’s compact form-factor has necessitated that this input be the tiny and sometimes unreliable 3.5mm mini-jack.  Most professional level audiophiles would much prefer the industry-standard XLR jacks but there just wasn’t enough room for these larger connectors. ”

Read the full story on the prophotocoalition site.

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  1. It’s a cool feature, but honestly if you’re going to shoot video and you want high end audio (something other than a camera mounted mic) why would need a device to feed it into the camera? Record it separately, and sync in post.

    I shoot on film and video shoots for a living, doing production audio. We rarely capture audio in camera.

  2. If youre going for professional video using a DSLR, it makes a lot of sense for me that you would go with a device such as this for professional sound. the point is most people in this category are are a one-man crew and want/need to remain so. doing separate audio yourself would be a nighmare!

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