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Ok, time for a little self indulgence… finally finished up a 15 minute movie for the local high school band. I'd like to share a little bit of that with y'all.

A little background first… this segment is the bit with the Color Guard (what we used to call the “flag corps” in my days). They chose the song “Say” by John Mayer for their routine. The director decided that it would be best to have 2 Saturday rehearsals to put the show together… but she decided it needed to be hard core learning so they set aside 12 hours each day. That's why you'll see the girls in pajamas and resting on the gym floor on blankets and such.

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It isn't the ‘best' 5D mk ii video. I haven't spent a lot of time with the video aspects of the camera… I spend too much time between the blog and my day job to spend a lot of time on learning the ins and outs (doesn't it sound like a good excuse? LOL). So there aren't tons of great depth of field shots, I was just practicing using the video and letting the 5D2 run with it.

So here's the segment… (here's the full size video on smugmug)


The parents seem to have loved it – so that's all that matters to me. I hope you enjoy it too!

(Photo credit: snap from the video by planetMitch)


  1. I’m glad you found time to use the 5D Mark II !!!

    This site probably gets more hits than could have ever imagined. Thanks for keeping up the site and although you don’t have as much time for your own stuff, you’ve done an amazing thing here with this site!!!

    It may be cool to have the blog be the home page here at some point…


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