Amazing ‘Fusion’ wedding video-completed before the reception!

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I don't think you can do it much faster than this… the video and stills were recorded on a Canon 5D mk ii (and a Canon HV20 on the steadycam shots) during the wedding ceremony, and then the movie was prepared and presented to the entire wedding party at the reception! Amazing. Make sure to check out the details on the Bui Brothers site.

“Lan and I were flown to Cancun by Doug and Lawrence (Furious Photographers) to shoot a photographer’s promo video of them. They somehow booked two weddings back to back in Cancun… with a Day After session after the second wedding (which actually won’t happen until tomorrow).

As part of our project we were also delivering a short video for each couple, so we were essentially shooting two videos at each wedding. For Tiffany and Ly, we decided to do a same-day edit of their AMAZING wedding incorporating photos shot by Doug and Lawrence. Their photos were great, and we got some wonderful footage. I suppose you’d call this a same-day fusion-video, using both photos and video together instead of one or the other or two separate presentations.”

Check out the entire post (with more info on the video production) on the Bui Brothers site.

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