Panavision lens on a Canon 5D Mark II

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And now for something completely different: A Panavision movie lens on a Canon 5D Mark II.


This image comes from Axel at ABGK studio

“For better or worse, I have a tendency to be unorthodox and like to blaze my own trail. This leads me to create some of my own gadgets and, with the release of the Canon 5D mark II, I thought I’d share one of my favorite creations with you.”


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    1. Author

      The lens/camera weren’t mine – just reporting it… go to the blog I pointed to and post the question on his blog

  2. Just saw people blogging about my Panavision Lens Adapter so I figure I’d chime in here. Ihad it built about 3 years ago. It’s a Panavision mount, plus a spacer I had machined out of aluminum and the metal bayonet ring from the back of a Canon EOS lens (I ordered that part from Canon, didn’t cannibalize a lens). Originally I used it with my 20D which worked great. The smaller sensor size of the 20D happens to be essentially the same size as a motion picture 35mm negative . With the 5D it’s almost perfect but not as good as on the 20D. Because of the 5D’s full frame I sometimes get vignetting when I try to focus to objects that are close. With near focus I also sometimes get the 5D’s mirror to hit the rear element of the lens when it tries to drop back down to position. This wasn’t a problem on the 20D so Canon’s new 500D may be a better option with the Panavion Mount. But I have had great results with the Panavision / 5D combo. I recently shot and directed two music videos with the 5D and Panavision super speeds. I’m happy to share them as soon as their in the can. The first one I’ll post in the next couple of days if not sooner. I have only been using spherical lenses at this point but I’m going to experiment with anamorphic lenses which should be nice.

    Until I have the video posted, here’s a couple of things you can see that were shot with a 20D and Panavision lenses:

    20D + Panavision Super Speed 75 mm prime for all photos.

    Here’s a link to an off topic post in the cinema5d forum I posted about a music video I made with a variety of Panavision Lenses and a 20D. A link to the video is in the post + plus an explanation of how I made it.

    I just want to say thanks for your interest! My blog where I posted photos of my adapter is here:

    It’s my first run at blogging and people found it before I was ready but now that the cat’s out of the bag I gotta run with it. I’ll be cleaning it up this weekend so please check back soon. Feel free to look now but it’s a bit of a mess. really. Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated. Thanks.


  3. That blog does not seem to work.

    i am very knowledgeable about lenses and adapters, as i am a beginning cinematographer and briefly worked for panavision. I really do not have any questions for you other then how you machined the PV side of the adapter.

    I’d love to get a hold or to make one of these myself, but I am not a machinist, nor that talented at manufacturing anything.

    Anyhow, I’d love to make one, so please email me if you can. Best!

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  5. Yer well these lenss are heavy. Its more like you mount the camera on the lens. I’d rather see an Arri PL to Canon..
    There is more choice…

  6. i would like to use panavision lense to 5d mark2 but in india where can i get the adaptor..

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