New trailers for the “First Feature Film” on the Canon 5D mk ii

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On March 30th, there was quite a bit of excitement over the announcement of “Searching for Sonny” – the “first feature film shot entirely on a DSLR when a teaser was released. Today, they released 3 new mini-trailers for the movie. They also opened a new website SEARCHINGforSONNY.COM and a store so you can not only buy movie products but you can get credit in the final film.

We're very excited to announce that the director of this film, Andrew Disney, has agreed to answer questions you might have about the movie and the process in our planet5D forums. So please visit our forums now and chat directly with Andrew!

Not only that, but when I asked Andrew if there was any news about the progress, he replied:

“Yes, there are some exciting developments
– A third of the funds for the budget have been committed in the last two weeks.
– We have Dennis Bishop, producer of the pilot for the hit TV show Dexter, onboard now as a consulting producer
– We have a Film Credit and T-Shirt deal on our website.  For $29.99 you get a limited edition T-Shirt and your name in the credits. If anyone wants to support indie cinema, here's one way to do it.
– Still planning to shoot Septemberish and we'll be starting a webseries next month: half dedicated to the characters before the film. The other half dedicated to tutorials on DSLR filmmaking and indie cinema tips.
Thanks again for all your support.
Keep up the great blog!”

Andrew and his team have also put up some additional documentation on the process.

So, without further ado, here are the new trailers released today:

Searching For Sonny – Calvin Teaser / Canon 5d Mark II from Andrew Disney on Vimeo.

Searching For Sonny: Elliot Teaser/Canon 5d Mark II from Andrew Disney on Vimeo.

Searching For Sonny – Gary Teaser/Canon 5d Mark 2 from Andrew Disney on Vimeo.


  1. Not to let the wind out of your sails as far as being the first feature to complete filming with the 5DMKII, but I would believe I have to stake my claim. I shot a feature for 6 weeks in New York Winter (february/march) with the camera using Zeiss glass. I’m under a non-disclosure agreement so I can’t say more than that right now but I believe we are the first feature to complete principal photography on the MK2, unless someone else finished one before March 2009?

  2. Hey, hi! Your little trailers look great.
    But I am worried by the fact that you seem more preoccupied to known if your film is the first feature shot on MK2 rather than bieng preocupied by the movie itself…

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