New Marshal LCD Monitor

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Vincent Laforet has covered the new Marshall LCD Monitor

“One of the most important accessories that you can purchase to help you get better results with the video from your Canon 5D MKII is an external LCD monitor (a video assist monitor.)

The Canon 5D MKII was designed as a still camera first, therefore when you shoot video you will often find that the placement of the LCD screen, not to mention the ergonomics of the camera body itself are not ideally suited to shooting video. Being able to hold the camera below your eye-line (or any angle for that matter) become quite important when shooting video vs stills.”

“First, it should be noted that when you actually start to record video on the 5D MKII, the video signal that is being output from the camera is not true HD – in fact it is limited to around 480 P (as opposed to 1080 P.) In effect it is not putting out the same full resolution image to the external monitor that is is recording to the CF Card. This makes is considerably more difficult to focus critically while you are filming.”

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Visit Marshall's site for more information.

If you're interested in buying one for the Canon – visit Amazon

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  1. I just did a corporate shoot using the Canon 7D with a 7″ Totevision monitor and found it reasonably good for gauging focus, but the monitor itself is almost bigger than the camera. The whole hotshoe mounting setup was quite cumbersome.

    My thoughts are that a smaller monitor might be more useful.
    Has anyone out there had experience with the Ikan 5.6″ monitor or managed to come up with any clever rigging options for the larger 7-9″ monitors?

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