Canon 5D mk ii – more and more videos

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Yep, all the excitement around the world has me backlogged – not sure if i'll ever catch up LOL. Tho now the USA tax season is over, so I thought I'd show off some of the wonderful Canon 5D Mark II videos I continue to find.

We'll start off with one shot with the Canon 5D Mark II just this past week. First up, “Bring Your Own Big Wheel” (for those of you not familiar, a ‘big wheel' is a toy bike with 3 wheels – the one in front is usually huge). This one is getting a lot of chatter on Twitter. Who says the 5D2 can't do sports? LOL

Bring Your Own Big Wheel from michael baca on Vimeo.

Fun Easter Sunday in San Francisco!

Next, a “first” video with the EOS 5D mk ii – a beautiful nighttime test

Impressions from tristan ladwein on Vimeo.

A Night with the Canon EOS 5D MK II. My first Video :)

Firegames from pixelcatcher on Vimeo.

20GB RAW footage. Shooting and postproduction all today using a 5D MKII and imovie09.

Universal Shareholders PanicΓ’β€žΒ’. from Tynan on Vimeo.

A good wedding video:

Eduardo + Eva from DIGITALVIDEOART on Vimeo.
Videoclip of Wedding shot with the Canon 5D Mark II, edited in Final Cut Pro, and textured with magic bullet.
Lens used:
Canon 24-105L
Canon 50mm

Another music video – warning, this one starts out very calm, but there's some very loud music in the middle of the calmness… don't be listening too loudly

EFK Broadcast Music Promo. Shot on Canon 5DmkII from Andrew Rodger on Vimeo.
Evenflowerskill Music Promo for “Ruth Has Information That Will Destroy You” from the album “Smile for the Camera”. Copro Records 2009.

Dir/Dop. Chris Murray/Andrew Rodger
Ed. Caroline Mayne
MangaDuck/DeadDuck Productions/Sleepless Studios
Pre-Release copies of the band's debut EP can be bought from

Following up that music video, we have an D-Nice video interview:

True Hip-Hop Stories: Sadat X of Brand Nubian from D-Nice on Vimeo.

In this edition of True Hip-Hop Stories, Sadat X discusses the making of the classic Brand Nubian recording Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down. He also reflects on the state of hip-hop today and how his stint on Rikers Island changed his life.

Canon 5D Mark II Underwater Video in the Red Sea from Fergus Kennedy on Vimeo.

I've edited together some clips I shot in the Egyptian Red Sea with the Canon 5D Mark II in an Ikelite housing which I converted (it was for the original 5D). Most of the shots are with a 15mm Fisheye lens, but there are a couple with a macro lens. Most of it is with natural light and a Magic Filter.

A Bittersweet Reminder for Valentine's Day from Alexandry Augustin on Vimeo.

This very short has been shot in 2 evenings in NYC during the Valentine's Day period using the Canon 5D Mark II. It's my first shooting and editing experience. I've been using Premiere Pro CS3/Quicktime Pro only for putting the footages together and to synch with the audio. This is the raw footages with no color correction, white balance or contrast adjustments… The panning around 00:09, 00:25 and 01:00 would have required a fluid head tripod mount that I'm equiped with yet. The focus remained unchanged during the shoots as it required some practice to get it right.

I still need a lot of work, but I am very excited about the potential. I'm overall very pleased with the result even thought there is not any plot (the footages have been shot randomly but carefully selected for editing). I think with practice and time, I will make some very interesting shots.

I'm looking forward for your feedbacks.

PS: The original footage is a 30fps. Frames are being dropped by Vimeo has it's being converted in 24fps.

(Photo credit: snap from “Firegames“)

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