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Many of you may not be aware of our Canon 5D mk ii buyer's guide.

We used to highlight the vendors on every blog post, but then we decided to move the guide to its own page. Unfortunately, that may have been a better choice for our viewers in terms of reading the latest news but it doesn't seem to be helping us raise funds to support all the work we're doing here to gather the great stories. Maybe the excitement over buying the 5D mk ii has died off? Maybe most people who were dying to get their hands on one have finally found one?

We do know that more and more vendors seem to be able to have stock available so maybe supply is almost caught up with demand. There are still a large number of online vendors who have no stock so this can't be totally true. But maybe things are getting better!

Maybe you don't even realize that we're funded by your purchases (tho we are now trying to supplement that with paid advertising – tho as we all know in this economy, that's hard to do too). Maybe it scares you to go directly to a vendor thru our buyer's guide? Well, you have nothing to fear.

When a site like planet5D becomes affiliated with vendors, they provide us with links to their products that have affiliate IDs embedded in the link. When you click on a link, the vendor puts a cookie on your machine that identifies to them that planet5D was the source of your visit. And, if you purchase something from their site, they pay us a small finders fee. It costs you nothing – there's no additional cost to you, they pay us out of their profit from the product. You win and we win.

The cookies: most vendors' cookies last on your machine for 30 days – meaning if you visit vendor xxx's site today but don't purchase and then come back to their site (even if you don't come back thru planet5D), the cookie will still be on your machine (assuming you're on the same computer you were on the first time and you haven't cleared your cookies) and planet5D will get credit. If you happen to visit vendor xxx's site thru someone else's affiliate link, then our cookie will be removed and the other site will get your purchase credit. We'd love it if you'd remember to come back here first, but that's ok, at least someone will get the bonus.

Ok, so you've already purchased your 5D mk ii, can you still help us here? Of course! If you later decide you need some accessories for your new baby, please come back and click the link to the vendor you intend to purchase from. That cookie will be placed on your computer and as you search for other products, we'll still get the credit for your purchase. Again, we both win. So please try to remember to come back and help us help you.

Oh, and please remember to support our paid sponsors too – click their ads and visit them please – and let them know if you found them thru our site.

We do appreciate your support and we hope we've provided you some valuable information!

Thank you for your ongoing support!

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