Another example of steadycam use with Canon 5D mk ii

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TylerGinter sends us this Merlin based video shot with the Canon 5D mk ii and message

“First Stedicam Footage from the Merlin. It works perfectly! I still have some tweaking to do to get it even better! 🙂 Put it on the wiki if you'd like. i'll prob do a tutorial later.” I'm highly encouraging him to create that tutorial since he did such a masterful job on the now famous “How to use video mode” (see the wiki for more on video).

Stedicam Merlin and 5DMKII from Tyler Ginter on Vimeo.

It has been a loooong day… Took me 4 hours to finally rig the Stedicam Merlin onto the 5DMKII with kit lens (tried the 50mm 1.4 but it didn't want to balance – too light and too wide instead of long is my guess…)

There are about 7 adjusting points on the rig, each of which can enhance or totally mess up your balance. Here is the final setup with weights:

Use the M hole for best result with the 24-105 f4 kit lens!

This is my first ever Stedicam footage so don't be too harsh! I have a lot to learn and still need to make some more tweaks to make the rig balance even better…

P.S. Garrett Brown is a genius and a legend in my honest opinion! You HAVE to listen to this interview with Garrett from my good friends at FreshDV:

I'm going to give my arm a rest now… Been holding the rig for the past 8 hours. I might do some lessons learned from the setup in the near future…

As always, please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!

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  1. I bought one, played with it for 3 nights then returned it. It never wanted to balance with the 50mm1.4. I should have tried another one…

    But there is already a recipe on the merlin site for the kit lens.

  2. Very cool, Shoot video at wedding last week. Have yet to edit any of it looks promising.

    Steady cam would have been very nice, had many very unpleasing pans and movement due to camera/lens shape and ability to handle it smoothly. User induced of course.

    Was the video shot on Ft Dix behind the Air Expeditionary Center? I used to work in that building, USAEF AMB (Battle lab).

    Nice work.

  3. I got Merlin two days ago and I’ve been plating with it since. After hours of trying to balance this thing, I’m very close to give up … it’s just simply too darn complicated. I was using 50 f/1.4, 16-35L and Tamron 28-75 f/2.8. No luck what so ever ….

  4. Brian, forget about the 1.4, it is impossible. I dont know for the 28-75 but you should be able to do the 16-35L. Look on Vimeo, there is a clip of a guy using this lens (shot in a forest) and it was very smooth. I think the trick was to add a lot of weight at the bottom.

    So far, the only lens I have seen balanced well on the Merlin is the 24-105L.

  5. Nice work with the 24-105. Nicely balanced. I’m almost there with my 20-35 2.8L Still got to work out the wobble effects. Yes, like most people I almost gave up but when it works – WOW.

    Thanks for posting!


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