Announcement: New Feature Added! Forums!

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Welcome back to planet5D!

Today, we're excited to announce that we're adding forums to the community that has grown around planet5D and planetT1i!

When you visit the forums, please make sure you register right away, we'll be running a contest in a bit that will give away a prize to a registered forum member!

We thought about having separate forums for the 5D and the T1i, but since they're both similar in so many ways, it seemed to make sense to combine forces to help everyone learn together. So tho there are separate threads for the cameras inside the forum, we've combined the video and still forums together (tho there will still be opportunities for specific camera sub-forums on the site).

We debated about this for a while, but it seems like the right thing to do for our community. Initially, we thought that there wasn't a need for yet another forum, but we decided that there is a need for a forum community dedicated to this new line of cameras. Yes, there are other really nice forums dedicated to photography but we thought it was about time to narrow the focus a bit.

With the new 5D mk ii and the T1i, we have a new breed of Canon camera – one that does both still and motion photography. Owning these cameras can require learning a whole new skill set and that of course will mean lots of questions right? You may also want to show off your latest stills/video to the community. So why not have a place to ask those questions or show off when you're already visiting the best Canon 5d/T1i site on the planet?

So please take a moment and join our forums – you'll be glad you did!

PS… our thanks go out to Wolfsnap Photography for helping us grow planet5D and planetT1i into the best sites on the planet. If you need some site design help or if you want to grow your smugmug site into something really great (they call it “Smugization“), give them a shout!

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