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Ok y'all, I've been holding on to a few videos lately, there's tons of them coming out but there are a couple that just knock your socks off!

Note – as with the NIN videos, you're best choice is to go to the video over on the vimeo site and download the full size videos to see them in their full glory (granted, they are only 720, not 1080 size – and they're converted to 24 frames per second by vimeo).

The first two are by the same gentleman, Michael Fletcher. These are just some phenomenal videos.

Images of Australia's Southwest from Michael Fletcher on Vimeo.

Images of the Leeuwin National Park from Michael Fletcher on Vimeo.

I was reading a story about a couple of journalists working with the canon 5D mk ii and they referred us to this stunning video report.

The Road to Recovery from David Stephenson on Vimeo.

Now for some “real” uses of video – the first, Cinema5d has a post from a gentleman doing some testing for a movie. Girl Heist! 24p dramatic scene with sync sound the source isn't on vimeo, so you'll have to go to the post to see it.

Also from Cinema5d, there's this post including a short movie – the author is looking to include it in a film festival.

5D Mark II – Short Film “Lucky Day” from MG Studio on Vimeo.

And another, a production level video about “Tailspin” – the discussion thread on Cinema5d which also includes many still shots and discussion of how it was made.

Talespin from Sebastian Woeber on Vimeo.

And lastly (for now) Greg submitted two of his latest works, both really well done commercials. The first one has a Cinema5d discussion thread

500HP MUSTANG Procharger from Greg Filipkowski on Vimeo.

Vegan Queen by from Greg Filipkowski on Vimeo.

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