Video: Olivia Rubin backstage

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There are so many interesting videos coming out lately that it is hard to keep track of what is coming out. This morning, I found this video and thought I'd highlight it simply because of the background information provided by the filmmaker.

Ed Thomas used his new 5D mk ii to produce a quick film for his client Olivia Rubin. It was the day after he'd gotten the camera so setup was pretty short. Yet the outcome was pretty darn good. He discusses many things about the experience and includes info on post production. Well worth the read

“The whole backstage film was shot on the Canon 5D mark II, with the exception of the catwalk shots – filmed on traditional video kit by a third party.”

I downloaded the full HD version from his site (took a while of course – it is 1.2gb!) and you can sure tell the difference between the 5d video and the ‘traditional video' that was put in for the catwalk shots.

Thanks Ed for sharing such valuable information and experience!


  1. I’d wager this: the models thought Ed was taking stills of them – not moving picture. That gives the whole shoot a different vibe. I think this is great and I love the insight into how it was done. Look forward to seeing some more of Ed’s work on the Canon 5D with more of that insightful stuff!

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