The death of still photography?

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In This Week in Photography's (TWIP) podcast is an interesting discussion of the possibility that still photography will die… the show is entitiled “The Death of Still Photography?
The future of still photography, Alex gives a PMA round-up, and Pictage CEO Jason Kiefer tells photographers to keep their day jobs”

As i listened to the beginning (where they discuss the video/still issue) i was still plagued that nobody really talks about those people who need both tools. The discussion centered around still photographers as artists. They discussed how still photographers may not need/want to learn video etc. But they really neglected the whole group of still photographers that must also learn video – the best example i can show right now is the post the other day First 5D mk ii video from Afghanistan. We'll see lots of photojournalists who need to do both stills and video in the future. It goes into many other fields as well… wedding, family portraits, real estate photography, etc. The uses as the web grows are endless.

The podcast is worth a listen!

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