Rumor of new firmware

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Denton Images reports that there’s a rumor flying around of new firmware for the 5D2.

I’ve also found this report by Tony Eckersly of a change in the wording in the 5D mk ii white paper.

And last but not least… not a rumor… if you have the original 5d, PNT reports there is indeed new firmware available.

UPDATE: 3/5 9am posts a very interesting report on why there’s no manual video control on the 5D mk ii. (original report comes thru FixMy5D) This sure fits in with the situation at hand and with the rumor of new firmware coming that has a new feature included. We’ll have to see of course… let’s not get our hopes up too high

By the way, there’s a special page on the wiki that has the 5D mk ii firmware updates

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