Rumor: Canon working on new dSLR video camera?

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Canonrumors posted today about a rumor they've received about a possible pro video camera Canon might be working on that is based on the digital SLR's like the canon 5d mark ii.

The image with this post comes from Engadget – who posted this:

“According to CanonRumors, the new pro cam will look similar to the XL H1 pictured above with support for EF and EF-S lenses, sport fully manual controls as well as autofocus, and shoot 720p/30/60 and 1080p/24/30/60 to 56Mbit/s MPEG-4.”

UPDATE: (I finally get around to posting and not 5 minutes later I see canonRumors has added additional information – please go read this for more!) If true, that might squash the 24fps hopes for the 5D mk ii.

(photo credit: engadget post about the rumor – an image of the Canon XL H1)


  1. Great Blog and site!! Very good information. Thanks for that.
    Something that the “rumor update” tells:

    ” The 5D II might get 720p 30 as a firmware update since the only reason it was //not included is because of rushed development of the video spec. Might never come but it’s possible.”

    So if this is whole true, that is also confirming the EOS 5D Mark II was RUSHED.

    And that could also encourage firmware updates for that camera.
    Not to mention if Nikon releases a DSLR with full HD and full (or at least some) Manual control.

    It is clear that the chances for a firmware update for 5D Mark II are High, and it will probably give (at least some) manual control in video mode.
    Why? Because many reasons. Some of them:

    – COMPETITION coming soon and will keep coming STRONG, and if Nikon offers manual control and Canon doesn’t implement it, many users could switch to Nikon.
    That will obviously impact, even MUCH stronger, to new customers too who might choose Nikon without hesitation
    – Lack of manual aperture setting forces many customers to USE/BUY Nikon Lenses instead of Canon ones
    – HUGE demand and claims for manual control, worldwide. And that also counts. Despite the opinion of some people, manufacturers need customer satisfaction and keep their loyalty as customers, it’s a matter of business too.

    There are enough reasons to implement manual control, and also some other improvements via Firmware Update to the 5D Mark II

    — KEEP REQUESTING, the MORE customers / people doing it, the MORE chances.
    Competition will help a lot too.

    Some (of many) ways to express your Request, if you have no direct contact with Canon Representatives, are:

    – PETITION to Canon Inc. (Hundreds have already signed in less than a month):

    – PLACING your SUGGESTION/REQUEST through Canon Support or Representative :

    Canon USA email Support for 5D Mark II:

    List of European Professional Representatives:

    BTW: “exotic frame rates” in the original post is a ridiculous comment because the requested frame rates have nothing of exotic, they are completely standards instead.

  2. Anda, that’s excellent. From the ideas and conecpt, to the produced video wtih full details.

    Congratulations. Really like it.

    We promote the Petition to Canon Inc. to encourage the improvements because we (like thousands of user/customers) do know the potential that the 5D Mark II has inside, that can be really available via Firmware Update.

    Besides that, your ideas are also great, and we share them.

    We would like to see both (5D Mark II Update & EOS Video Camera, that is more professionally aimed to filmmaking) made reality, indeed.

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