Rascal Flatss TV Show filmed on a Canon 5D Mark II!

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We continue to see some great stuff being filmed with the Canon 5D mk ii. Today, we'd like to highlight the music of Rascal Flatss. We first heard of this when we saw this post on twitter two days ago:
danrubottom: just now settling in after a long day of shooting to watch the Rascal Flatts TV special on my DVR. Gonna check out how the 5D mkII did!”

Which certainly got my attention. Now, I'm not a country music fan so it took me a few minutes of digging to find out what all that meant LOL.

The quick summary is that CMT is a country music cable channel. Rascal Flatts is a well known group. The TV show is called “A Day in the Life Rascal Flatts.” The cool part for all of us, is that the show was mostly done on a Canon 5D mk ii!

Devin Pense was hired to produce the show and he posted a little bit in his blog about it back in Feb:

“I’ve been a die hard Nikonian from day one. I must admit though I’ve peaked across the fence more than once. When I was awarded the job to produce a TV special & national spot for the upcoming Rascal Flatts new music video for “Here Comes Goodbye” I must admit my first thoughts were RED. It seemed to make sense right? Everybody’s doing it…Then I started looking at logistics, multiple locations, multiple states, etc and the budget started going through the roof! Then it hit me…5Dii!” Read the whole blog post for some more info.

On March 2nd, he made another post indicating that things were going well and the camera was producing wonderful images

“We’ve wrapped the first couple of legs of our Rascal Flatts TV special shoot and I thought I’d share what we’ve learned so far. In terms of actual picture quality, I’m still blown away by what comes out of this camera. Yes, it has limitations which I will get to, but I’ve never used a small camera that can perform so well in multiple environments.”

You really should read the whole post as there's plenty of discussion of how well the camera was working for Devin and some of the challenges he and the crew faced. There are also several images of the equipment used.

The “A Day in the Life Rascal Flatts” replays on Monday, April 6th at 10pm ET

Devin just posted the TV Ad for the new Rascal Flatts album (register at Vimeo and you can download the video in full HD) and we hope he posts more of his beautiful work:

RASCAL FLATTS TV SPOT from Devin Pense on Vimeo.

This is a TV spot I just directed for the release of Rascal Flatts new album, Unstoppable. We shot it all on a Canon 5D2. We used a Lensbaby Composer for most of the shots.

Update: 3/31 2 pm:
Dan posted on twitter: “@planetmitch Cool post on the 5D2 for RF shoots. just to clarify, Here Comes Goodbye was shot on RED. But TV shows and spot were 5D2:)”

I'm hoping that we'll get some more videos to post soon. My thanks to Devin Pense and Dan Rubottom for alerting us and helping gather this info.

Photo credit: planetMitch snapped a shot from the TV spot which he downloaded from Vimeo


  1. Also a cool tech note is that we used the Steadicam Merlin quite a bit on these CMT and GAC specials. It really is a perfect fit for the 5D, highly recommended, especially with a 16-35mm L or similar.

  2. Tell me please what for the soundtrack plays from 00:09? (sorry for my awful english…). Give me pls link for download it. Thx.

  3. I watched the show when it aired and while you could see the nice look and depth of field from the camera it really didn’t hold up to broadcast. There was terrible banding in a lot of the show. I’m sure it wasn’t a fault of the creators but more a limitation of the compression from the 5D. Add broadcast compression on top of that and the 5D may have found a limitation.

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