Photographer has an insider’s view of White House

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A very good story about Pete Sousa, the White House's Official Photographer, who is using a Canon 5D mk ii to photograph the goings on.

“The photographic image snared by Pete Souza tickles the synapses, a behind-the-scenes moment of the most delightful and surprising kind. There is President Obama — the leader of the free world — moving the sofa back into place after a routine photo op in the Oval Office!”

“The momentous and the numbingly dull. It's all there in Souza's eye, all there in his Canon 5D Mark II camera. Five hundred photos in one day? That's a light day. Sometimes, it's 1,000 or 1,500, so many photos that Souza can only guess at the exact tallies.”

Please take a few moments to read the whole story!


    1. Author

      It is surreal – i would like to see it larger too.

      I wish that they’d included more of the images that are talked about in the story. Especially the last one!

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