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As we grow, we learn new things. I just learned how to turn on the option for you to get planet5d blog posts delivered to your inbox!

In the right hand navigation on the blog, there's now a small form where you enter your email address and in a few short clicks, you'll get the latest Canon 5D mk ii information delivered to your email. It is all managed by feedburner and i never see anyone's email addresses so don't worry that I'm gonna start selling it or spamming you with stuff. You'll just get the best Canon 5D mk ii information on the planet delivered right to your inbox!

What could be easier? Please subscribe today!

Note! My understanding is that this service provides one email per day – you won't receive each post individually, so if you're wanting more urgent blog posts, i suggest you get an RSS reader and subscribe via RSS.


  1. Author

    Mike, I think it is working. I have over 100 people subscribed to the emails. Please use the contact form (see menu at top of page) to send me more information on what you’ve tried to do (browser, operating system etc) and I’ll try to help you get set up.

    Thanks for reporting it!

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