More HOT 5D mk ii videos!

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Continuing on with the very popular subject of the top videos coming out from the 5D mk ii, here's a few more (ok, a gob!) of my favorites!

Please remember with the ones hosted on Vimeo that you can often download them in full size if you're a Vimeo member (which is a free registration).

Just found this one I really like – Norwegian film students put this together with the 5D mk ii:

Through Thick and Thin from Kyrre Lien on Vimeo.

A short movie I and a couple of other students created at school. We had about one month to make this movie including pre-production. We used a lot of time making the script and coming up with a good idea.

It is shot with the Canon EOS 5d mkII and I used a lot of time to trick the camera both with duck-tape on the contacts and with correct lighting.

The language is norwegian, but I hope it still is funny with english subtitles.

It is nominated for best short movie along with two other films in norways largest filmfestival for youths. Hope you enjoy!

For more information and pictures about the production please visit under blog.

This one is getting lots of traffic

TWO BAD – Canon 5DmkII CAR RIG test from Marko Butrakovic on Vimeo.

This is my first car rig experience and just one hour after I left the equipment store the rig was ready to rumble. Check it out and FEUER FREI !
(We used a loooot of duck tape)

My friend Tyler Ginter sent me these:

A really well done French music video.

Music video “Bensé” from Nico L on Vimeo.

This one is done in B&W – a nice short of some synchronized swimmers practicing their routine – highly recommend you download this full size!

Training day – Dolfina from Matija Prajo on Vimeo.

A shot of training day of syncro swimmers from Split, Croatia.

Girls are members of syncro club Dolfina.

Camera used : Canon 5d Mark II

Lenses : 70-200 2.8 IS, 24 1.4

Video editing : Edius 5.0

Action In Orange / Canon 5D Mark II from AudioGuy on Vimeo.

Shot over several days with a 5D Mark II using my 85mm 1.8. The low light capabilities of this camera is extraordinary. Minor color grading in the beginning and end. About 95% of the images are straight from the camera.

Music: “Firelight” by Snow Patrol

This one starts out slowly, but the ending is pretty impressive night work along the subway tracks:

Tokyo Night from dat4wd on Vimeo.

My first HD-video. Was made on iMac 24″ with iMovie '09. Camera Canon EOS 5D MkII. Lenses: EF 50/1.2L + TS-E 24/3.5L. Music (c) Joe Satriani.

I really enjoyed this little short:

Overcoming Tough Times [HD] from Donald Kilgore on Vimeo.

New series roll-in for Second.

This project was shot entirely on the 5D Mark II using the following lenses:

Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L
Tamron 180mm f/3.5 Macro
Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 58mm f/2 (M42 Mount)

Credits: Cinematographer, Post-Production

5D Mark II – Filming Corsets and their making from Dean Mann on Vimeo.

We filmed for a local Corset manufacturers with the 5D Mark II in Low light (available or available with fill).
Wanted to use the unique capabilities of the camera to show the details on the corsets.
Shallow depth of field at wide apertures due to the full frame sensor with this camera was an advantage.
Film converted to 25fps using Apple Compressor. Film edited in Final Cut Studio as 1920 x1080 ProRes files

The next one was a video that isn't so much “hot” as it is showing you how the autofocus works (or doesn't work) on the 5D mk ii

5D Mark II (5D2) AF Test from Tim Dorr on Vimeo.

Testing the auto focus on my 5D Mark II (5D2). Showing that it does work in live view during video recording.

This one is also showing the testing of the aperture controls

Manual exposure control of 5D II with the dial from pango on Vimeo.

The setup is as follows : 5D II with a non-EOS lens adapted with a chip that simulates an EOS lens with a single aperture F2.8, then put the camera into “exposure simulation” mode and Tv, set iso and exposure time. To film, first press “*” to fix the exposure to the simulation mode.

What manual control do you get? Well, what you see (in exposure simulation including RGB histogramm) is almost what you get, since the camera does not allow arbitrary exposure times in video. It does allow 1/30s, 1/50s, 1/80s, 1/125s and some less useful shorter times. However, the camera chooses itself in the exposure simulation mode the combination of sensitivity and exposure time, and as a consequence, beyond a certain level, you will always get 1/30s.

In this experiment, I always kept the lens wide open and chose some value pairs for sensitivity and exposure time. If you look at the videos on a frame by frame bases, you will notice that not all choices result in different exposure times, e.g. 1/50s and 1/60s both are really 1/50s and so forth. You can also see that short exposure times expose more heavily the rolling shutter artefacts.

Still, this approach gives much more and in particular reproducible control over aperture.

A friend sent me this: “Hi maunger, I post a video on youtube for now so you can watch commercial online. It is for Croatian humanitarian group so ignore voices and don't forget almost everything is hand held shoot and stabilized in post. And there is no lights used except on doctor. Everything else is shoot without any lights and all color corrections has been done in post. Witch was very impressive on handball player (he is world best handball player so we have exactly 3 minutes for shooting. it was point and shoot situation.”

Photo credit: a snap from the video by Nico L


  1. Some fantastic clips there. The Tokyo one was my favourite. The Norwegian film was great also.

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  3. 5D MKII + DIY steadycam merlin (stabilizer steadicam 5DMKII)

    “Just a quick word…
    It is a first test of my DIY camera stabilizer, specialy designed for the Canon 5DMKII + 16/35 2,8 L. Low cost but High quality smooth moov ! Steadicam Merlin was toooooooo expensive for me !

    Special gimbal design seen on youtube by WSCLATER. (Skateboard ball bearing and universal joint)…
    Really easy to made for less than 60$, a little time and very few tools !

    Please add your comment and feels about footage, so I could work to improve the design. I could work on a video tutorial as well.”

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