Luminous Landscape hands on review of the 5D mk ii

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Recently (yes, this has been sitting in my queue too), Nick Devlin produced a very impressive photographer's hands on report on the 5D mk ii. (the image for this article was borrowed from his report and is copyright 2009 by Nick Devlin)

Best if you just read the article yourself, but here's a few of the interesting comments:

“The 5D Mark II is a hard camera to review. On one hand, it betters its predecessors in every respect and pushes the envelope of 35mm photography to new bounds at a relatively accessible price. On the other hand, it is not the photographic second coming that its pre-release hype and anticipation suggested. ”

“Though I have heard griping about the 5DII’s AF performance, I found these unsubstantiated in a real-world setting.”

“The short answer to the IQ question is that the 5DII produces images exactly the equal of the 1DSIII. The even more irritatingly unhelpful answer is that it produces images which are, for the most part, functionally indistinguishable from the A900 and D3x. Sorry folks, there’s no holy grail.”

Read the full story on Luminous Landscape – this one isn't to be missed!

Photo credit: Nick Devlin

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