iPhone vs. the mighty Canon 5D?

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Ok, can you do it? Can you compare the 5D mk ii to the iPhone camera? And, why would you?

Well PixelShred on twitter has posted this blog post comparing the two and it is quite interesting. Normally, you'd laugh at the idea of even trying, but I think he pulls this one off by contrasting the benefits of both devices.

“So why am I comparing this uber refined photography machine, costing thousands of dollars, with a lowly 2mp iPhone camera? In fact, there’s no comparison of features. Trying to do so is like comparing a moped to a Ferrari.”

The answer that he points to is simple I think… both cameras have their place and their features and I for one am often so wrapped up in the excitement of the 5D2 that I often forget that there is a camera in the iPhone and I should use it more often as it does have some wonderful features and software that the 5D2 doesn’t. Thanks PixelShred for the reminder!

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