First Canon 5D Mark II Feature Film?

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Well, it was bound to happen right? A feature film shot entirely on the 5D mk ii!

“Searching for Sonny”

I suspect too that there are several vying for this title of “First 5D mk ii Feature Film” but this one has its own site and has posted a teaser (the full trailer is due April 15th). The teaser on vimeo tho states that the whole film “will be shot” – so it doesn't seem like the whole movie has been completed. Further investigation finds (from this thread on cinema5d) that the trailer was shot in the last week and there's also discussion of the whole “First” idea. I also found this blog post about the movie.

They're going all out on promotion already as well – they have a Facebook fan page set up which includes lots of stills from the shoot.

You can see the large size on the site and there's a version out on youtube where you can see it in 30fps, but here's the vimeo version (note vimeo automatically converts to 24fps):

Searching for Sonny – Teaser Trailer/Canon 5d Mark II Feature Film from Andrew Disney on Vimeo.

Join the Search at

Written and Directed by Andrew Disney
Shot by Jeffrey Waldron


Searching for Sonny is about three bumbling friends who go back to their high school reunion and get sucked into a small town murder mystery that seems eerily like a play from high school.

We shot a teaser and full trailer with the Canon 5d Mark II. We are planning to shoot the entire film on a DSLR.

Equipment used
Nikon lenses, most of the shots here are 50mm.
– Kino Gaffer Kit
– Arri Package, 1K, 650, and an inky
– Doorway dolly with two sets of 8 foot track
– One 4×4 frame with opal
– One 4×4 Black Flag
– One 3X2 Black Flack

(Photo credit: planet5D used an excerpt from the film as the photo)


  1. With all the incredible lenses available for the Canon series, any comments on why Nikkor Lenses would be used?

    Is it just something you already own or is there a specific reason?

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  3. “Dustin, people are using the lenses from Nikon and other brands because of the lack of autofocus on the 5D mk ii”

    Do you mean lack of ‘manual’ control?

  4. I just picked up a Nikon 50 1.4 non-AI this weekend and an 8-stop ND filter. It is so great to have full manual control in video again. Focus can be a real PITA though.

  5. any idea what’s the resolution when its back on 35mm film… given the compression on the 5D?

    Anybody heard about the process of “up-ressing” the footages? Does it help?

  6. We just premiered “A gun to the Head” a feature shot entirely on the 5d at TIFF. after a de noise and 30 hours on a baselight and a medium grain render, the film looked fantastic in a 400 seat theatre in toronto. I have no idea how big the screen was but it exceeded my expectations. with a decent 4k upres projector, no need to go back to film. which we tested as well.

  7. My name is Buddy Calvo and I am the writer director for a film shot entirely on the Canon 5D. The film began principle photography in May of 2009 and I believe was the first full length feature shot entirely on the DSLR. Please visit the film website at

  8. I am working on a full length feature film called Billy Shakespeare.
    Facebook: Official BILLY SHAKESPEARE Movie Group
    Twitter: 2011shakespeare
    We are using 4 Canon 5D Mark II cameras for this film. We are less than 2 weeks from completing the principal filming and then we go to editing. This is Deborah Voorhees directorial Debut. The Leads are Jason D. Johnson and Catharine Pilafas.

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