First 5D mk ii video from Afghanistan

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When digging around earlier for the information on the U2 video, i was exploring the blog of the photographer James Vellacott who took the U2 video. Low and behold, there was a post about his trip to Afghanistan around Christmas. Guess what! He took a 5D mk ii and posted some video. This might be the first to come back from Afghanistan. (Click on the “HQ” icon in the lower right corner of the box for HD quality)

This is the ‘medley' video he put together and the post where it was found

Earlier reports:

My friend from twitter, @tylerGinter (who is 55th Combat Camera Company Platoon Leader) says “Can't wait till we send 20 to Iraq and Afghan this summer!” He also reports: “I do know a NY Times photographer taking one shortly to Afghan to shoot video!”

It is wonderful to see what can be done with the camera as well as becoming more aware of what the UK troops who are fighting for peace around the world are doing.

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