Fake Chuck asks “EOS 5D Mark II a risky investment?”

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In his latest rant, Fake Chuck Westfall asks is the EOS 5D Mark II a risky investment? Pointing out questions about the AutoFocus and noise issues, he raises some interesting questions… but are we nit picking?

I've never paid such close attention to any camera release as i have with this 5D mk ii (obviously I'm trying to read everything to give you guys the news), but i am a little concerned to a degree at the number of posts that I've seen complaining about things that just don't work 100% correctly. Is it because we're just too focussed on the details now, before, when digital was young, the images weren't just good enough. Now that they're at 21mp, are we too picky?

As i continue to say tho, there are some phenomenal things being produced with this camera – so maybe we're indeed just being picky.

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