Does the 5D mk ii do weddings?

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Of course the still side of the 5D mk ii will work for weddings, but what about Video?

This video has gotten some ‘air play' on the threads around the world… but tho it is entitled the “first” wedding video, I don't believe it was really first. But here you go, it is well done regardless!

The First All Canon EOS 5D Mk. II Wedding Video Shoot in the World from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

David and Irene
an SDE all shot in Canon EOS 5D Mk. II

How about engagement videos? Will the 5D2 work here as well?

While ‘fusion' is popular now, the following example is purely video and I think it works. It sure has gotten lots of views on Vimeo!

Denver Riddle has been patiently waiting for me to catch up with video postings (sorry Denver! I wasn't ignoring you… really! And thanks so much for keeping after me and submitting this). He sent me not only his excellent engagement video, but he's also commented in the email – “you may be interested in a superb 30p to 24p conversion workflow using the tools already found in final cut studio 2 as I've detailed on dvxuser and cinema5d:”

.haley + jake. – 5D Mark II from Denver Riddle on Vimeo.

Shot with Canon 5D Mark II
Processed to have look and feel of 35mm film stock.
If you're interested in film burn effect, PM me.

Lenses used:

24mm 2.8
85mm 1.8

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