Canon 5D mk ii killer?

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Is the Scarlet the Canon 5D mk ii video killer that some say it is? Well, we don't know for sure yet, but the first video from the Scarlet is available (click on the screen grab to play it on Red's site). And I must say, it is pretty amazing.

According to this story from CrunchGear, “Remember, this is the lowest end of the RED spectrum. Actually, the “all-in-one” Scarlet (costing around $4000, I’d guess) will have a permanent zoom applied, so the glass won’t be as nice as the RED primes, but the sensor family is obviously close to being ready for production.”

More information on the Scarlet on Red's site. The basic unit with the sensor and a 100mm lens is about $3700. It will do 1-120 fps video, time-lapse etc.

My first thought about the Scarlet was that it is cool, but has so many options that a layman will be confused. The price seems to quickly escalate as you add options. I'm open to other thoughts tho! Oh, and let's not forget that the Scarlet isn't even available yet (and has been delayed once due to the economy).

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