Can the original 5D do video?

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Ok, guess that's a trick question… of course it can't. However, people can still make videos with it if they do time-lapse!

Stumbled into these guys (Atelier Tranfert) who are making advertisements with the original canon 5d.

Email Center Pro from Atelier Transfert on Vimeo.

This is a stop motion animation video that we made for our friends at Palo Alto Software for their relatively new piece of software called Email Center Pro.

We shot the video with a Canon 5D in the Atelier Transfert studio over the course of several weeks. The sound effects and music were then created at the Atelier post production office, as was the edit.

We had a lot of fun making this video. Feel free to check out some of the ‘making-of' time lapse videos that we have uploaded as well.

Thanks to John ( for creating the soundtrack.

Also, thanks to Jason at Palo Alto for the amazing voice-over narration!

And finally, thanks to Guy Kawasaki for putting us in touch with the good people at Palo Alto. We've forged a really amazing friendship with everyone there.

They also did this tutorial for Alltop: Tutorial Video from Atelier Transfert on Vimeo.

UPDATE: We have just updated this video to include some of the new features on! We added a new animated sequence for the ‘MyAlltop' feature. We also improved the image quality of the screenshots (which are actual photos of a MacBook Air screen and not screencaps!) and took the opportunity to tighten some other screws here and there. Enjoy!

Guy Kawasaki asked us to make a little tutorial video for his latest project,

We shot it with two Canon 5Ds in our studio and then edited it together in FCP and created all sound effects with various mystical foley techniques…

Our friend Julien Smith was nice enough to lend his voice for the voice over narration. (

Our friend and collaborator John did the wonderfully placid soundtrack. (

We prefer not to think about how much time it took to gather together all the odd little props…

and one more: Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe from Atelier Transfert on Vimeo.

We produce the stop motion video recipes for ‘Chocolate Chip Cookies' is one example of the video recipes that are designed for beginners in the kitchen. The recipes are incredibly easy, but that's the idea. The site is meant to get you comfortable in the kitchen by presenting you with un-intimidating recipes.

We decided to use stop motion animation so that the videos would be both fun to watch and illustrative of the methods used for each recipe.

Thanks to startcooking's creator Kathy Maister for all her great work!


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