#5D2 video really 29.97fps instead of 30?

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There's a lot of thinking and work going on these days about video with the 5D mk ii. One of the issues we've reported on here is the difficulty some are having syncing sound recorded on other media with the 5D mk ii video. Chuck Westfall covered what he thought were some good ideas on this, but following up with the comments in his post, we're seeing that the folks over at Cineform (makers of Neo Scene) are suggesting that the issue isn't that the camera is recording at 30fps… well, let me just quote the post:

“I've actually read that the guys over at Cineform actually think the 5D2 records video at 29.97 but incorrectly states true 30.00 in the header of the file. If true, the audio sync problems are actually due to our NLE's relying on the incorrect header information”

Another user reports: “The 5Dmk2 only flags the files as 30p. It shoots at 29.97p. If you bring the files into cinema tools and reconform to 29.97 (no render needed since this is only a change to the meta data) and then drop the files into your FCP timeline, you will find out that the 5Dmk2 shots sync up just fine. I have confirmed this with my HPX500.”

So maybe Canon needs to fix this in firmware?

It is also being discussed on this DPReview thread

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  1. “The 5Dmk2 only flags the files as 30p. It shoots at 29.97p…”
    Yes that would make sense. My assistant Luke had thought our synch problems frame rate flagging issue.

  2. “another user” here….I have confirmed this more than once now. It is indeed 29.97. It is a problem that I have to conform all the files in Cinema tools before using them in FCP. But it is an easy work around that I can do with clients not around. Still my biggest problem is having to trick the camera into an ISO and shutter speed that I want and have to explain to clients what I am doing.

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  4. I hope this is true! Has Canon announced anything about this? Or have they announced any news about updating firmware?

    1. Author

      Dean, there are no official comments from Canon – that’s why this gentleman’s comments are important (at least I think so)

  5. I’m looking at getting a Canon 5d Mark II. At the moment I shoot on a JVC HD111E at 29.97 fps, and would like to use the canon as a second camera. If the above statements are correct, then hopefully syncing will be fine. However I would like to know for sure before making a purchase…

    I’d like to run a test and post the findings for others in different relevent forums. So I’m trying to put the word out. If anyone out there has a canon 5D mark II is it possible for you to upload footage somewhere where I can access it, in it’s native framerate… and footage of the same thing (5 – 10 minutes) shot at 29.97 fps… that could just be on a consumer level camera.

    The primary thing being filmed is talks that may go 5 – 10 minutes… so the syncing is a priority.

    If anyone is able to do this, it would be very appreciated. Or if anyone can confirm that this syncing would be A OK.

    Thanks very much



  6. guys, ALL NTSC playback is 29.97fps, this is not a problem with the 5D- for similcity’s sake, 30fps is generally stated.
    NTSC playback has many flaws, one of which being the fact that, to avoid interference with other 60hz devices, it is not exactly 30fps. Thats the case with all NTSC playback. Shouldnt cause any problems at all. Any decent encoder should set NTSC to 29.97 autmatically anyway, even if it says 30fps (although some do let you choose).

    Even if it isnt supported by your encoder, most video packages will perform a (nasty) “pulldown” to convert between framerates (by fading between frames). This is why if you are unfortunate enough to watch TV in the US, movies are blury in comparison to most other places in the world – a pulldown is needed from 24 fps to 30fps.
    If sound isn’t critical, its more preferable to simply play 29.97fps video at 30fps which will raise the pitch of sound by 0.1% – hardly noticable.

  7. Why don’t you edit this post? Everyone knows the 5D shoots 30p now. This misinformation is harmful.

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