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The other day, i went thru all of the February blog posts and transferred all of that knowledge into the wiki – so if you’re in looking at the wiki, there’s plenty of new stuff there.

I continue to read lots of excitement over the powder movie – so in case you missed it, here’s a repeat of what i posted 10 days ago about it 🙂

For all the talk about the failures in Antarctica, this user wasn’t afraid to shoot in the powder in Utah. “Powder Mountain Perspective” by Ian Provo (download full size!)

Check the who has stock page

• 1001NoisyCameras blog post about the Nikon D3X review at dpreview sparks 5DMk2 debate
• British Journal of Photography reports another round of Nikon price increases
• Cavewalker on twitter sends this: tiniest lens on Eos 5D2: Zeiss Tessar 2,8/5cm T
• And I'm sure all of you have seen the new Canon tilt-shift lenses – with discussion over on DPReview

Sorry for not getting many updates out – sick as a dog with a bad cough and cold. Please don’t stop coming by tho 😉

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