dSLR bans

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Interesting reading this morning from PathosBedlam on twitter:

I wanted to let you know they are now not allowing SLR cameras at the AFL as I had to stop people bringing them in.

Also not allowed was glass, cans, umbrella's and prams. Caused all sorts of greif for people last Saturday.

I am in Tasmania Australia. What rules do you have in other places for sports grounds.

@mollyfud From what I was told on the day, at Aurora Stadium, it's any Professional looking photographic gear, SLR, Video, etc.

@mollyfud They said they were trying to protect their Broadcast Rights. Due to some SLR's like the Canon 5D being so good, I don't blame em.

So, as i suspected, the camera is causing a stir all around the industries. It didn’t take them long. Now there are still lots of people who don’t realize my dSLR can do video, but it won’t be long i guess.

Now based on the discussion above, maybe we should start a protest. After all, anyone can sneak in a camera phone (one of the new phones i saw is doing 720p HD?) and some of the small HD video cameras easily fit in a pocket, so now the larger cameras are going to be discriminated against just because they look ‘professional’?

It seems to me that this is a stop gap measure that isn’t likely to survive long. As cameras advance and get smaller, they’re just not going to be able to stop the recording of shows/sporting events etc.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments below (and yes, i know some of you can’t see the comments box – I'm moving to new blog format in the next week or so to fix that and other issues… please be patient)

UPDATE: I added a thread on dpReview if you want to discuss over there 🙂

UPDATE 2: isn’t the following image ironic?

Check the who has stock page (updated 2/26 6am)

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