Does the 5D mk ii do video?

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I keep reading stories and tweets from people who seem to think that there are just too many limitations in the 5D mk ii to be able to really shoot video. Yet, time and time again, I'm also seeing great examples of people just blowing past any ‘limitations’ to get the job done.

Just a little while ago, Rob Sheridan, Art Director for Nine Inch Nails released this quick video taken at last night’s NIN concert in Sydney – there was a power outage and the clips are from the forced intermission. Interesting stuff indeed. I believe Rob will be posting more video soon. (Ok, so the image above isn’t of NIN – i don’t have any photos of them LOL – Vanessa is the only ‘star’ i have any concert photos from a show to share)

Yet another example is this story i found this morning from a spanish site. TV commercials being filmed with an SLR? shocking indeed!

And let’s not forget people doing blogs with the 5D mk ii. Here’s’s episode #5 filmed on the 5D mk ii by the Bui Brothers.

Or maybe this craigslist posting from someone looking for shooters on a 5D mk ii HD video project.

And then again, there’s Tyler Ginter who’s testing the 5D mk ii for the military media… here are two examples: Fast Roping at Exercise Southbound Trooper IX and 55th Combat Camera Airborne Jump. Simple tests i grant you, but people are indeed using the 5D2 for real work out there.

Check the who has stock page

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