5 Reasons I’m Holding Out

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Ok, I didn’t say that, someone else did (i already have my 5D mk ii), but this is an interesting read: 5 Reasons I'm Holding Out on Canon's 5D Mark II

This is also an interesting comparison… Raw Converter Comparison – Exploring Canon 5DMKII Raw Development – has quite a few examples of different RAW conversions of the same image so you can see differences between them.

In other news, Canon attempts to shut down the Fake Chuck Westfall site

Video tip: The Gobi Pro SLR Zoom works as a cheap steadicam bracket when using the 5D Mk II in video mode. Just position legs against chest. (from www.twitter.com/crsouser}

Buy a 5D mk ii! 

Best Buy’s site says they have bodies in stock! Hurry!

the Adorama site says they have some coming soon – so order now. This still appears to be the best online option. Don’t forget this blog post i made about their stock process.

In the UK, simplyElectronics has the kit back in stock

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